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Red Teaming

A CampusGuard Red Team Assessment is an extremely advanced variation of penetration testing. Whereas the goal of a penetration test exercise is to the test the potential vulnerability of your systems to be compromised by a breach, a Red Team engagement goes well beyond that scope. The goal of a Red Team engagement is to test both your systems ability to withstand a hack attempt AND your personnel’s ability to identify that a hacker is attempting to infiltrate your environment.

The goals and methodologies are unique to each organization. CampusGuard will work closely with you to determine what your biggest risk area is; what keeps you up at night? What would be most devastating to your organization if attackers were to steal?  Sensitive research data?  Customer credit card data?  The Red Team engagement will be designed to fit your needs whether it is testing from the internet or an assumed compromise scenario. It can include physical security testing and/or social engineering, as well as traditional ethical hacking routines. Our simulations are designed to be non-destructive but will closely mimic tactics nefarious actors would use. This type of testing is most appropriate for organizations with mature security postures.


  • Pre-engagement Interactions

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Threat Modeling

  • Vulnerability Analysis

  • Exploitation

  • Post Exploitation

  • Actionable Reporting (to include report review call and/or meeting)


  • Each Red Team engagement will gauge your organization’s ability to detect, respond to, and stop an attack. 

  • Your dedicated CampusGuard Customer Advocate Team will work directly with you to design the program to your unique needs, including identifying risk areas, time period for the engagement, reporting requirements, and other attributes.

  • Wouldn’t you like to know where the potential vulnerabilities are throughout your organization’s defenses before a hacker finds them?

  • A detailed, actionable Report of Findings will be delivered and a Report Review will be scheduled. Additional support hours are included to assist with remediation.

  • All pricing is provide on a fixed-price basis so you will know will know exactly what the cost is up front.

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