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Compliance is more than an IT issue,
It's a business issue

Colleges and universities face increasingly complex requirements that govern how they protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Our mission is to provide colleges and universities with the resources and expertise needed to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance and meet FERPA, NACHA, RedFlags, HIPAA and other regulations and requirements.

CampusGuard is your solution to compliance and information security

While there are many companies in the area of compliance, CampusGuard is uniquely positioned to help colleges and universities in the myriad of regulatory statutes and contractual obligations. Our Advisors have over 30 years combined experience working in the university environment. We saw the need for a company that sincerely understands the challenges of a Higher Ed environment and CampusGuard is the result.

CampusGuard recognizes the need for a compliance company that understands the challenges of Higher Education:

  • The open nature of the physical and technical environment
  • Departmental decentralization that inhibits central policy enforcement
  • Data-rich information systems that create a natural target for sophisticated intruders, with potential criminal intent
  • Over-tasked IT staff which prevents or delays focus on security measures.
  • Students, faculty and staff with unique needs that may conflict with security recommendations
  • Fiscal constraints


Privacy Statement - Merchant Preservation Services, LC (dba CampusGuard®) takes privacy and data protection issues seriously. CampusGuard respects our clients privacy and we do not share customers information without expressed written consent. Click Privacy Policy to review our entire policy.