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Compliance is more than an IT issue,
It's a business issue

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CampusGuard is your solution for information security and compliance

CampusGuard focuses on the needs of campus based organizations including higher education institutions, healthcare providers, city, county and state government agencies and hospitality markets. All of our staff have extensive experience working with the unique needs of these campus based environments. With a primary focus on assisting organizations with achieving compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act (HIPAA), FERPA, NACHA and Red Flags, in addition we are a full service cybersecurity firm experienced in all industry standard compliance and information security issues.

CampusGuard recognizes the need for a compliance and information security company that understands the unique challenges of campus based organizations.

  • The open nature of the physical and technical environment
  • Departmental decentralization that inhibits central policy enforcement
  • Data-rich information systems that create a natural target for sophisticated intruders, with potential criminal intent
  • Over -tasked IT staff which prevents or delays focus on security measures.
  • Multiple constituents with unique needs that may conflict with security recommendations
  • Fiscal constraints

Service Delivery

Our unique service delivery model is at the center of who we are and what we do. It consists of assigning a team of qualified individuals to every customer engagement to ensure that you receive the greatest level of customer service and care available. First, your dedicated team will include a Relationship Manager and a Security Advisor who work in a highly collaborative environment to deliver above your expectations. In addition, your dedicated team is backed up by Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing professionals who bring a wealth of technical skills and knowledge to every engagement.

Team Approach

Your Relationship Manager will coordinate all aspects of the service delivery and serves as the point person for the engagement, which includes bringing a plethora of additional capabilities to your engagement. These include but are not limited to Online Training, Customer Portal Access and Management, SAQ templates, Policy and Procedure Templates, Monthly Newsletter, Periodic Alerts, and other resources. By leveraging this team approach, we can ensure that you always have access to dedicated resources with your best interests in mind who have access to all of the vast resources of our organization to deliver the right service for you at the right time.

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Privacy Statement - Merchant Preservation Services, LLC (dba CampusGuard®) takes privacy and data protection issues seriously. CampusGuard respects our customers' privacy and we do not share customers information without expressed written consent. Click Privacy Policy to review our entire policy.