Password Auditing

Because networks are often built to prevent intruders from entering the environment through the use of exploits and other nefarious activity, many organizations fail to notice the misuse of compromised accounts. Oftentimes, this is achieved when attackers are able to gain access to a user’s account simply by guessing the password. 


By using credentials with the same password used on other sites that were previously compromised, brute-forcing account passwords that are easily guessable or cracking passwords that use weak security algorithms, any authorized user within your organization can put your organization’s network at serious risk.

To help identify these weaknesses and trends across your organization, the CampusGuard Offensive Security Team utilizes custom-developed auditing software, password cracking hardware, as well as techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) that mimic real world attacks to audit the password security of your environment.


CampusGuard offers a Password Audit that is highly flexible and can be tailored to fulfill your specific compliance requirements and security goals, and help to defend your organization against password attacks.


  • Pre-engagement Interactions

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Testing

  • Actionable Reporting (to include report review call and/or meeting)

  • Report Review Call or Meeting



  • All users are susceptible to password theft, so understanding where you have weaknesses will give you the opportunity to proactively train your staff.

  • Our Password Auditing service is delivered using a proprietary, in-house built software tool that can be customized to your specific needs in a way that many commercial tools are unable to provide.

  • With our focus on campus-based organizations, you can be assured that the CampusGuard assigned Customer Advocate Team will understand your environment and customize the service to your specific needs.

  • A detailed, actionable Report of Findings will be delivered and a Report Review will be scheduled. Additional support hours are included to assist with remediation.

  • All pricing is provided on a fixed-price basis so you will know exactly what the cost is up front.