Incident Response Plan (IRP) Testing

Testing your incident response plan allows you to ensure that it is designed well and that it will cover all steps to contain an information security incident if you ever have to use it. To test your plan, your CampusGuard credentialed Security Advisor will conduct a tabletop exercise with you. This engagement typically covers a full day or more and the scenarios can be shared ahead of time or presented at the time of testing. By engaging the CampusGuard experts to run through a variety of scenarios, it can bring to light some previously invisible gaps in your plan. The IRP should be tested at least annually, as well as, any time there are significant changes to your environment.


  • Our focus on campus-based organizations ensures that you will receive insight relevant to your specific environment

  • The advice and guidance you receive will be based on an understanding of your peer organizations.

  • Fixed price including travel and living expenses.

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