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Treasury Solutions


Focused on efficiency, innovation, and cost savings, CampusGuard will provide you with actionable guidance to better define, deploy, and manage how payments are accepted, disbursed, administered, and reconciled.

Treasury Solutions Capabilities

  • Payment Assessments

  • Payment Rules and Regulations Assessments

  • Research, review, and provide recommendations on new payment technologies and solutions for incoming or outgoing payments 

  • Write RFP scopes or manage the entire RFP process 

  • Manage implementations of treasury and payment-related products and services 

  • Policy and procedure development 

  • Develop and write treasury and payments-related job descriptions 

  • Review account analysis statements to identify cost savings 

To eliminate the guesswork on the cost, each engagement can be provided on a fixed price basis once an initial scope has been established.

CampusGuard advises on all payment types or single tenders at the department, campus, or organizational level. This unique service includes the ability to review and provide feedback on new payment technologies and solutions, develop requirements and write RFPs or manage the entire RFP process, oversee the transition of banking services or deployment of new technologies, review account analysis statements to identify cost savings, standardize payment acceptance and remittance, improve reconciliation and more. 

Contact us to find out how.

Why Choose CampusGuard for Your Treasury Solutions?


You trust us as a Cybersecurity and Compliance Advisor, but when it comes to any type of payment (not just card payments), we know you have other concerns as well.  We understand that making and receiving payments in the most cost effective and secure manner is critical, especially when budgets are tight. So is making sure the customer experience is the best it can be, both online and in person.   

With those principles in mind, our experts in Treasury Solutions provide consulting and advising designed to assist a school in defining, deploying, and managing a holistic approach to how payments are accepted and managed.   


Payment Advisory Services is now Treasury Solutions!

CampusGuard is announcing its Payments Advisory Services offering has been renamed to Treasury Solutions to better align with the capabilities we offer.

Read our press release to learn more.

More Information

Download our flyer for more information.

With tight budgets, it is critical to make and receive payments in the most cost-effective and secure manner. Whether you are a professional in accounts receivable, accounts payable, accounting, or treasury, the demands you face to develop more efficient and standardized approaches to payments continue to evolve. As the demand for new payment types has increased across all methodologies, the regulatory and compliance landscape for payments continues to rapidly change as well.


CampusGuard has the answer! Our industry experts understand your complex and unique payment needs as a campus or community-based organization. Treasury Solutions offers a holistic approach to assist you in navigating these ever-changing payment requirements and complex compliance requirements.

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