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Customer-Centric Service Delivery

Our unique customer-centric service delivery model is at the center of who we are and what we do. At all times, you will have a dedicated Customer Advocate Team focused on your 100% satisfaction. Your Customer Advocate Team consists of an assigned Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and a primary Security Advisor – backed by a team of information security and compliance specialists.

Our CRM's have many roles, one of which is being on the front line - available to you while your Security Advisor is onsite at other customer locations. Each CampusGuard CRM carries a number of certified credentials, including the PCI SSC Payment Card Professional (PCIP) certification, enabling them to actively participate in your compliance efforts.

As a member and extension of your organization, your dedicated CampusGuard Customer Advocate Team is able to stay closely involved with you throughout the life of the engagement. From weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calls, to project management and handling ad hoc inquiries, to scheduling site visits and annual reviews and everything in between. This team based approach ensures that you have all the qualified and certified personnel to deliver the highest quality of customer care available in the market. Whether you need an assessment, offensive cybersecurity services, on-going support, or training to meet the needs of your information security and compliance mission, CampusGuard provides the greatest customer care available in the market.

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