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If ______ Ran Your Information Security Awareness Program

In our upcoming webinar, the CampusGuard team will be sharing guidance and best practices for structuring your organization’s security awareness program.

As we put together our notes on what we have seen work best over the years and gathered tips for ensuring all applicable staff complete their training requirements, we discussed the common struggle of getting to 100% compliance. How can you enforce training requirements? Through policy? As part of employee performance reviews? Endless reminders? Motivating employees and building a culture of security can be difficult, but…what if Beth Dutton was in charge? Would an employee dare refuse to complete the training then?

What may have been the result of too many of those “just one more episode” evenings, came a fun new game that we couldn’t resist sharing with our partners. What if _________ ran your information security awareness program? Take a moment to daydream. If a particular celebrity or fictional character was in charge of your program, what would it look like?

For example:

Beth Dutton – Everyone would fall in line fairly quickly or face her wrath. Hackers that dared to target your network or employees that missed training deadlines might just go missing somewhere between Montana and Wyoming.

Tiger King – The program would be a bit more chaotic and the risk of insider threats would be high. Your leader may also be quick to be distracted away from the main goals, so prioritizing security above fame would be difficult. However, if there was a compromise, Carol’s zoo down the road may be just the place to recover your data.

Taylor Swift – You wouldn’t have to make training a requirement, there would actually be a waiting list/queue of users fighting for access to the training. It would most likely overload all training platforms.

Who would YOU choose to run your information security awareness program and why?

Send your best idea to before April 1, 2023, to enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card from CampusGuard!

Please submit your choice and a couple of sentences to explain your choice. We will be selecting our favorite entry and sharing some of the top contenders in an upcoming CampusGuard blog.

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