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  • Harvey Gannon, CEO

Data Privacy Day

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Many of us have adopted annual New Year traditions. Whether that is cleaning out old files or our homes, we find a way to refresh and renew our environments. So it is fitting that Data Privacy Day is January 28th. This is an opportunity to reflect on how we can and should protect ourselves in the modern cyber world where we increasingly work, play, communicate and socialize. Do we have the security levels set where we want them on our handheld devices, desktop/laptop computer and in our browsers and apps? Are we sharing too much personal information or allowing ourselves to be tracked more than we would like?

There is no set standard for how much we should share or how much we allow ourselves to be tracked. Each of us has a difference tolerance level and expectation for our privacy. But today, we should all pause for a moment, review our settings and our own personal cyber environment and ensure that it matches our wishes and desires. If it does not, perhaps it would be wise to take an additional moment or two to tighten things up.

Be cyber smart and cyber safe!

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