• Kathy Staples

9 Blog Posts to Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Updated: Oct 20

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month and a great time to shift our focus toward actionable steps we can all take to protect our data and secure our work environments. From email to social media and remote working environments, the following nine articles give you the tools you need to stay vigilant, aware, and proactive in the fight against cyber attacks.

  1. The Human Element in Security The majority of data breaches that occur are the result of human error. Discover the steps you and your organization can take to avoid being a target of malware and ransomware attacks.

  2. Protecting Email Accounts Before They Are Phished Email is consistently the number one entry point for information security threats, with 90% of breaches beginning with an email attack, like phishing. We outline different methods and tools your teams can use to protect organizational email accounts before they are phished or used to send phishing emails to others.

  3. Working Remotely: Six Ways to Secure Your Data According to a recent report, home office networks are often less secure and 3.5 times more likely than corporate networks to be infected by malware. Learn six ways you can secure your data while working remotely.

  4. Three Ways to Protect Your Physical Assets There are other steps employees can take besides locking their computers when they step away to protect their assets. Here are three suggestions on how you can implement additional physical security into your workplace.

  5. Prepare To Be Ransomed Learn five protective measures your organization could implement to reduce the risk of being ransomed and your ability to recover quickly and at a lower cost if you are.

  6. Seven Ways to Support Cyber Security Month in October and EVERY Month Here are seven ways that your organization can be promoting awareness during October and beyond.

  7. Because Organizations Aren't Cats: 9 Organizational Vulnerabilities that Lead to Compromise As the number of active threats continues to increase with no signs of things slowing down, what should organizations address first? Discover the top nine vulnerabilities that can lead to compromise and how to prevent them.

  8. Endpoint Device Security: Implications of Remote Work Environments With more people working remotely, it can now be especially challenging for organizations to manage employee endpoint devices that are operating outside of the traditional security perimeter. Read our recommendations that your organization should consider to secure sensitive customer information and implement endpoint protection.

  9. Cybersecurity Checklist Our cybersecurity best practices checklist can help significantly reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of a security breach.

Cybersecurity awareness should be top-of-mind not just during October, but every day. It is everyone’s responsibility to engage in best practices daily to help protect yourself and your organization from a data breach.

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