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Policies and Procedures Review

Policy and procedure review and revision are a crucial part of an effective cybersecurity and compliance management plan. Practical, well-written policies are the foundation of managing an effective information security and/or compliance program. These policies define expectations and how to protect sensitive information as well as meet compliance requirements. They guide the behavior of your staff and form the basis of your organization’s procedures and standards.


CampusGuard offers Compliance and Security Policy Reviews and Development services that assess an organization’s existing Security Policies in order to determine compliance with relevant regulations and industry peer best practices. Our policy and procedure reviews are typically based on industry requirements and on overall information security best practices, covering both technical and operational topics - and in some instances to help you meet specific compliance requirements.


We provide expert advice on the development and review of security policies that aim to improve your security practices while minimizing any unnecessary administrative overhead. The objective of this service is to assist your organization in identifying and developing information security policies and to provide innovative solutions for how they should be managed and maintained.


  • Review of current compliance and security policy author and ownership

  • Analysis of current compliance and security policy and procedures

  • Review information security policy and procedures adherence to applicable regulatory and compliance standards

  • Gap analysis of current compliance and security policies and procedures for mapping to customer’s security policy requirements

  • Documentation of new compliance and security policy and procedures 



  • We have reviewed and recommended improvements to hundreds of customers policy and procedure documents.

  • With our focus on campus-based organizations, we understand the possible organizational challenges of getting new policies reviewed and approved.

  • All of our recommendations will be based on industry best practices applicable specifically to a campus-based organization like yours.

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