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Higher Education

Cybersecurity is a priority for every enterprise and threats are encountered in every industry. While every industry is at risk, each faces unique challenges guarding its data and responding to compliance mandates. CampusGuard has the extensive knowledge and experience to improve your cybersecurity environment, providing a complete suite of solutions to over 350 colleges and universities.

Higher Education institutions are amazingly complex organizations and their scope for compliance regulations is wider than other industries. While virtually every industry faces significant cybersecurity challenges, higher education is particularly vulnerable for a number of key reasons:

Unique Culture

Higher Education’s degree of openness and transparency has historically placed a focus on making sure that faculty, students, the public, and donors can connect easily to resources. This has made college and university networks an open and inviting target. Managing the balance between this "openness" and the need for tight security has historically been a challenge for college and university administrators and IT staff alike. CampusGuard's wealth of experience from serving hundreds of college and universities provides significant value to you as attested by our extensive reference list.


Higher Education has always been a prime target for cyber-attacks because you hold so much valuable data - from students', parents', and even grandparents' financial data, to donor contact and financial details, to highly sensitive and extremely valuable research data - and everything in between! Nefarious characters want what you have, and your weaknesses are likely very well-known and understood by them.


CampusGuard is the leading partner with colleges and universities because we understand these challenges. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions designed specifically for you! Our highly experienced team of professionals serve as an extension of your team, filling in the gaps to strengthen your organization’s security and compliance postures, and reduce your risk.

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