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Cybersecurity is a priority for every enterprise and threats are encountered in every industry. While every industry is at risk, each faces unique challenges guarding its data and responding to compliance mandates. CampusGuard has the extensive knowledge and experience to improve your cybersecurity posture, providing a complete suite of solutions for protecting your most important asset, your data.

Hospitals are extraordinarily technology-dependent organizations with significant end point complexity and regulatory pressures. The number of cyber attacks on healthcare assets has been increasing, particularly in the critical infrastructure sectors such as information technology and communications. Cyber criminals are attempting to penetrate hospitals and healthcare organizations to steal personally identifiable information, PHI of patients, employee data and critical research information. Whatever the cause of an intrusion, the financial and reputational impacts for a healthcare provider may be the same. Regulatory pressures have increased along with the magnitude of the threat. Healthcare data is considered to be particularly sensitive, and thus, is protected under specific data protection laws. Including but not limited to HIPAA & HITECH. In addition, if your organization is accepting credit card payments, you will need to attest your compliance with the payment card industry data security standard, PCI DSS. And, if you are offering deferred payment plans, you likely will need to meet the requirements of both GLBA and FACTA Red Flags. Moreover, although compliance with government mandates is essential, it does not equal security. 


CampusGuard has the unique experience in the healthcare industry to determine which of your PHI/ePHI data elements are subject to HIPAA & HITECH. Once it's determined where the HIPAA privacy and security rules apply within your organization, CampusGuard uses common industry standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to determine any gaps in requirements that need to be met. If the health information is not subject to the HIPAA rules, we can still help, ensuring that your sensitive and confidential data is safe by using NIST standards to identify and assist with remediating any requirements gaps that exist. Additionally, CampusGuard can perform the all-important risk assessment using prior experience in combination with the NIST SP 800-30. Our unique experience that focuses on healthcare organizations makes us your cybersecurity and compliance partner of choice.

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