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State and Local Government

Cybersecurity is a priority for every enterprise and threats are encountered in every industry. While every industry is at risk, each faces unique challenges guarding its data and responding to compliance mandates. CampusGuard has the extensive knowledge and experience to improve your cybersecurity posture, providing a complete suite of solutions for protecting your most important asset, your data.

State and local government organizations face a growing cybersecurity threat. Hackers are targeting municipalities and state agencies in part because they may appear easier to breach than better-defended enterprise networks. More importantly, state and local government networks often host and process highly valuable data about individuals, critical infrastructure, and sizable financial transactions, making them valuable targets for nefarious actors.

Protecting municipalities against cyber-attacks is a major challenge. Yet, protecting government information and citizens’ personal data has become more challenging as networks and the amount of data on them has grown exponentially.

Why are state and local governments so vulnerable? Wide, diverse information systems and infrastructure, possible lack of expertise, visibility and control, limited budgets, outdated/aging infrastructure, legacy systems and spending priorities are big factors causing state and local municipalities to fall victim to cyber-attacks.


Government organizations are struggling to find ways to function smoothly and provide a secure environment for the sensitive data they require to operate. At CampusGuard, we recognize that threats can enter the network in a variety of ways which requires a comprehensive approach to develop your cybersecurity plan, keep threats out, detect and isolate any breaches quickly, and train your employees on security awareness. Our unique experience that focuses on state and local government makes us your cybersecurity and compliance partner of choice.

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