Configuration Services — CampusGuard is proficient at secure network and systems implementation

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Ron King, CPISM
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Our Security Advisors have “real world” experience in network and systems administration, as well as security provisioning for those systems. We are prepared to become your temporary extra staff when you are ready to implement a specialized network or system.

Firewall & Networks

Our Security Advisors are trained and experienced with equipment from various manufacturers. We strive to maintain a working knowledge of the various configuration languages and operating systems. We have the knowledge to perform compliant installations to assist your organization with the infrastructure required to create and maintain a compliant environment.

Secure Backups

The PCI DSS dictates that you must secure all backups of confidential data. This security includes encryption, secure offsite storage among others. CampusGuard can partner with you to find a workable solution for your environment.

Secure Domains

Over the course of our careers, we have built many MS Windows domain infrastructures. In our experience, security has to be an integral part of those installations. The departments that we have worked with maintain some of the most confidential data of any organization. Therefore, key to those installations is usability. We strive to make sure that your staff can function within the parameters of their jobs while maintaining a secure environment.

Log Management & Alerting

Most of the regulations require some form of system logging to provide the ability to recount events in case of a breach or some catastrophic event. CampusGuard is positioned to assist in multiple means of implementing a compliant logging infrastructure.

Virtual Infrastructure

One of the most popular means of saving resources and dollars is to build multiple virtual systems onto a single hardware platform. While this is strategic in an economical sense, it does present its own unique set of challenges in implementing a secure and compliant infrastructure. CampusGuard is ready to assist you in a secure implementation.