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Annual Support

CampusGuard continues the relationship after an assessment through an Annual Support Agreement that provides guidance, ongoing support, and outstanding care as a member of your project team. Your dedicated Customer Advocate Team includes an experienced, credentialed Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and Security Advisor (SA) backed by an array of compliance and offensive security experts. Our team will consult with yours when they have questions, provide guidance regarding the intent of compliance controls, and provide advice for remediating any flaws in your cybersecurity. This relationship starts from the moment you engage with CampusGuard and never ends as your environments and processes continue to evolve.

Whether you encounter an issue or need advice on addressing cybersecurity or compliance challenges, need support using the Compliance Portal, require project management, need to schedule additional assessments, or simply want to add training courses - you simply contact your dedicated Customer Advocate Team. Via regular newsletters and alerts, CampusGuard keeps you up-to-date on trends in cybersecurity, the latest news from regulatory agencies, and overall information about new threats that have been identified. Your dedicated CampusGuard Customer Advocate Team provides not only support during and after assessments, but contributes toward your strategic cybersecurity goals year over year.

And, the best part is that Annual Support is available at a set annual fixed price. That's right - we offer budget-friendly, fixed price options to meet all your cybersecurity and compliance Annual Support needs.

Annual Support Advising

Comprehensive post-assessment email and phone support


Full library of policy templates

Customer Advocate Team

Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager and Security Advisor

Compliance Portal

Access to Customer Compliance Portal and secure Document Locker


Scanning, phishing, online training, penetration testing, and additional assessments

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